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Development Context

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Welsh Development Agency
Guide to integrating sustainable development

Name of scheme: Welsh Development Agency: Guide To Integrating Sustainable Development And Design Into Regeneration And Development
Location: Wales

Software: Microsoft Office


The WDA produced this guide to aid the integration of sustainable development considerations into:

•  Strategies

•  Site assessment

•  Masterplanning

•  Sustainable Design and Construction

Application to Masterplanning and Sustainable Design and Construction:

( Only these 2 areas, most relevant to this project, are considered )

An overview of each activity is given, together with guidance of the potential role of the WDA in influencing sustainable development considerations, and the processes required to implement them.

Issues addressed:

In the case of sustainable design and construction, the following objectives are stated:

•  Create well designed buildings , streets and spaces that provide environments that will attract and retain businesses and residents, and enhance communities;

•  Provide flexible urban forms

•  Minimise the adverse impacts on natural habitats, soil, water, air and landscape and maximise positive outcomes for the natural environment

•  Minimise lifetime energy impacts by adopting low-energy design solutions and using renewable energy sources

•  Minimise use of resources through appropriate selection of materials/components based on lifetime impacts, through waste avoidance strategies, and the use of recycled materials;

•  Use locally sourced and sustainably produced materials that are appropriate to the locality;

•  Minimise water use;

•  Allow for eventual deconstruction and recycling.

Annexes included briefs and systematic toolkits to aid application.  



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