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Organisation: Brent Council
Name of scheme: Supplementary Design & Planning Guidance 19 (SPG19) And Sustainable Development Checklist

Software: Microsoft Office

Background to SPG19:

Policy BE12 in the Brent Council Replacement Unitary Development Plan (UDP) sets out the requirement for proposals to embody sustainable design principles. Supplementary Design & Planning Guidance 19 (SPG19) provides additional guidance for developers on taking this policy forward.

Scope of SPG19:

The Guidance covers the main environmental aspects of sustainability in relation to development projects; energy, water, materials, landscaping, construction & demolition practices, waste and pollution.

A Sustainable Development Checklist has also been produced for development proposals, to indicate their level of sustainability. It integrates the environmental aspects above, with the social and economic aspects of sustainability set out in Brent's UDP and other SPGs.

Application of SPG19:

SPG19 is now a material consideration in determining planning applications for proposals meeting or exceeding the following thresholds:

•  Tall Buildings, 1000 sq.m. floorspace, 10 residential units;

•  Sensitive uses i.e. housing, health, education in Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs); and

•  Schemes involving demolition of the above.

For such proposals a completed Sustainable Development Checklist form should be submitted with the planning application. Householders are also encouraged to apply the principles of sustainable design and construction, although SPG19 will not be applied to householder applications such as lofts or domestic extensions.

Background to Sustainable Development Checklist:

The sustainable development checklist allows a development to be scored against a range of sustainable development issues.   It also provides guidance on the significance of scores achieved and likely actions that will be required by the authority.   The checklist references relevant UDP and SPG policies.

Benefits of the Checklist:

•  It makes applicants (and officers) more aware of what sustainable development means and the sorts of proposals they should submit, or seek to deliver locally.

•  It allows the likely effects of proposals to be identified and potentially improved.

•  It integrates environmental and socio-economic factors of sustainability. Schemes that have multiple benefits on all these aspects will score best.

•  It provides a 'level playing field' - will be used on all schemes at, or above, the SPG19 threshold.

Scope of Sustainable Development Checklist:

The checklist covers the following topics:

•  Land & Building Reuse

•  Site Location & Public Transport Accessibility

•  Meeting Social & Economic Needs Locally

•  Design Of Development:

•  Energy Conservation

•  Energy Efficiency

•  Ventilation & Lighting

•  Renewable Technology

•  Water Conservation & Recycling

•  Space & Roof Design

•  Landscape/External Works

•  Materials Use

•  Construction & Demolition

•  Operational Pollution

The checklist is now in use, and there are several applications already being processed by Brent Council that have been required to complete it.



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