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Bryn Road
Local authority Landowner requirements

Name of scheme: Bryn Road, Blackwood
Location: Blackwood
Type of building(s): Residential units
No of building(s): 50 units
Area (ha) of development: 2.4
Developer: Wimpey
Client: Wimpey
Landowner: Caerphilly County Borough Council is selling the land to Wimpey
Environmental Ratings Achieved:

Description of development: Development of 50 residential units

Sustainable construction features included:

Building level:

•  Sedbuk A rated condensing boilers.

•  Underfloor heating - allied with the condensing boilers providing low cost efficient heating, added benefits of reduced levels of dust, no exposure to heat emitters negating potential to surface burns for elderly and infants. Better distribution of heating.

•  Installation of a solar water heating system coupled with a whole house heat recovery/ventilation system.

Reasons for incorporating sustainable construction features:

Council policy on Sustainability and the Council Energy Policy, which both aim to reduce the carbon impact of new build and refurbishment.

A number of options were put forward and the 3 above selected on a life cycle option.


Extra cost

Cost Saving p.a.

CO 2 Reduction p.a.


Timber framing





Under floor heating



51.3 tonnes


Heat recovery system



22.6 tonnes


Solar Energy Domestic Hot Water



14.15 tonnes

Timber frame was rejected as there was no improvement to the U-value of the building.

Additional costs of sustainable construction features: £305,100 (£6102/unit)

Planning issues:

The Council prepared a site brief for the development, which was included in the tender package circulated to prospective purchasers.



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