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Enfield Borough Council
Planning Policy, Guidance and Checklists

Organisation: Enfield Borough Council
Name of scheme: Sustainable Design and Construction Policy, Assessments, and Guidelines
Website: www.enfield.gov.uk/planning/planform.htm

Software: Microsoft Office

Software: Microsoft Office


Enfield Borough Council has developed a coherent strategy to support sustainable design and construction through:

•  Planning policy,

•  Sustainability assessments (for minor and major applications)

•  Guidelines (for developers, and for households).

The Council is currently piloting the assessment methodology.

Planning Policy:

Planning policy SDC1 states:

'Applicants for planning permission must ensure that the design and construction of their proposed developments have regard to the principles of sustainability, insofar as these relate to the built and natural environment.   Applicants are required:

•  To demonstrate this by means of a Sustainability Assessment accompanying their proposals, the detail required varying according to the scale and nature of the development; and

•  To show, in the Sustainability Assessment, that they have taken appropriate account of the matters contained in the Design Statements on sustainable design and construction issued by the council.'

Sustainability Assessments:

There are 3 Sustainability Assessments:

Major Applications : ' Sustainability Assessment over 10 dwellings or 500m 2 floor area ' Issues are broken under the headings: minimising energy consumption and associated emissions; ensuring the efficient use of land and infrastructure including remediation of previously-developed sites; minimising the generation of waste by providing adequate, integrally-designed facilities for the storage of recyclable materials; Incorporating good access by cycle and foot; and by persons of all ages and physical ability; minimising water consumption and discharges of waste water and sewage; reducing the risk of crime; Adopting methods to protect important flora, fauna and/or topographical features during construction and to minimise disturbance to local amenity; adopt methods to maximise recycling and re-use of existing buildings and materials, and to minimise waste generation during demolition and construction.

Minor Applications : ' Sustainability Assessment under 10 dwellings or 500m 2 floor area ' Issues are broken under the headings:   Minimising energy use; accessibility; minimising water consumption; safety and security; biodiversity; efficient resource use and waste minimisation during and after the construction; use of external accreditation.

Householder planning applications : ' Sustainability Assessment for householder planning applications ' Issues are broken under the headings: energy conservation and minimisations; water conservation and efficient water use; reducing waste and use of sustainable materials; reducing crime; and biodiversity.


There are 2 sets of guidelines:

Guidelines for Developers : ' The Sustainable Design and Construction Guide for Developers and Building Professionals '.   This document sets out sustainable design and construction considerations within the framework of the RIBA design stages A to F.

Guidelines for Householders : Greening Your Home - Householders Guide to Sustainable Design and Construction. This documents sets out advice within under the headings of: building extensions; loft conversions and conservatories; improving and decorating your home; improving your garden; What to ask when buying a new home; grants; finding a green builder or architect.



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