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Development Context

Case Studies

Westminster City Council
Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)


Westminster City Council

Name of scheme:

Supplementary Planning Guidance on Sustainable Buildings

Software: Microsoft Office

Purpose of the document

This SPG was produced to support policies in Westminster's Unitary Development Plan (UDP) by providing additional information on how to implement sustainable policy commitments.

The use of the SPG in the pre-application stage, before detailed design has been undertaken, is positively encouraged by the City Council.   Early consideration of the sustainable design and construction issues will improve the sustainability of a proposed development. The SPG won the 2004 RTPI Award for Planning for Sustainability

Topic areas:

The SPG is set out under sustainable building topic areas;

•  Design

•  Energy

•  Air, water and drainage

•  Land

•  Landscape and wildlife

•  Transport

•  Waste

•  Materials

•  Noise

•  Site practices.

Information provided:

Under each topic area the following is provided:

Objective : Information relevant to all development types, elaborating UDP policies

Sustainability context : Summarising the ways in which developments can effect sustainability.

Sustainability solutions : Information on sustainable design and technology, technical information on the different approaches and their benefits.

Case studies : Examples of good and best practice that are relevant to Westminster.

Signposts : To sources of more detailed supporting information.



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