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West Stevenage
Planning Policy and Design Guide

Name of scheme:

West Stevenage



Type of building(s):

Mixed-use; housing, schools, offices, health and community facilities

No of building(s):

5,000 homes, 13-14 ha of office, light industrial and general industrial floorspace.

Area (ha) of development:



West Stevenage Consortium (Persimmon Homes, Taywood Homes, Bryant Homes and the Garden Village Partnership)



West Stevenage Consortium



Planning Authorities:

North Hertfordshire District Council and Stevenage Borough Council

Environmental Ratings Achieved:

'Dwellings to comply with... EcoHome and BREEAM'

No rating stated




Software: Microsoft Office

Software: Microsoft Office

Photographs copyright of West Stevenage Consortium

Description of development:

In 1998, Hertfordshire County Council took the decision to allocate land to the west of Stevenage as a strategic housing site for a total of 5,000 homes of which 3,600 are to be completed by 2011.

Sustainable construction features included:

Building level:

•  Connection of all buildings to a green energy supplier who will match usage with electricity from renewable energy projects (primarily wind and water)

•  BRE 'Green Guide to Housing specification' A rated materials.

•  Preference to locally sourced materials.

•  FSC certified or UKWAS timber

•  Heating from renewable electricity or condensing boilers

•  Low NOx boilers (less than 150mg/kWh)

•  Mineral or glass wool insulation

•  Innovative funnelling of natural light into buildings

•  Low or dual flush cisterns (less than 6 litres) & flow regulated taps

•  Rainwater collection in all gardens

•  Provision of separate recyclable waste storage

•  Provision of compost bin to every home with a garden

•  Easy-to use building hand books

50 Experimental dwellings with additional features:

•  Green roof systems

•  Solar water heating

•  Grey water recycling

•  Promotion of low allergy measures; air filters, natural paints, no loose fibre materials.

•  Electric heat pumps

Development level:

•  A higher density mixed-use development including new schools, offices, health and community facilities

•  Amenities and transportation within waking distance.

•  A network of pedestrian and cycle links and a new integrated public transport system (The site layout will be designed with Home Zone design principles .).

•  New neighbourhood designed to minimise the impact of traffic, including diverting cars away from the village centres.

•  46 hectares of informal open space, 18 hectares of sports pitches.

•  37 hectare Country Park

•  Important landscape features retained and new planting and other measures used to help create an attractive and sustainable environment.

•  A "Local People First" commitment

•  Use of sustainable urban drainage techniques (SUDS): grass swales, infiltration basins retention ponds and reed beds.

•  1 ha of land for central waste composting and waste transfer site.

•  Neighbourhood 'Sales and wanted' website

•  A construction site waste reduction, recycling and recovery manager appointed

•  Fibre optic network throughout the new neighbourhood.

Additional costs of sustainable construction features:

None stated

Planning issues:

In 1998, Hertfordshire County Council took the decision to allocate land to the west of Stevenage as a strategic housing site for a total of 5,000 homes of which 3,600 are to be completed by 2011.


Forest Stewardship Council. www.fsc-uk.info

UK Woodland Assurance Standard. www.forestry.gov.uk/website/oldsite.nsf/byunique/HCOU-4UFP7F  

For an introduction to Home Zones, and examples, see www.dft.gov.uk/stellent/groups/dft_roads/documents/pdf/dft_roads_pdf_504804.pdf




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